Current Vacancies

GEMS SCHOOL is looking for enthusiastic and dynamic candidates from an English schooling background for the following positions:

Reports to : Board of Directors


  • Masters in Management with Finance.
  • 5 years of proven work experience in a similar managerial position from a reputed organization.
  • Experience in implementation and functioning of Enterprising Resource Planning.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Organizational leadership
    • General Functions:
      • Lead and administer the institution.
      • Create positive climate and provide effective leadership by modeling integrity, vision and ethical behavior.
    • Policy Making:
      • Provide relevant and crucial input to the board for drafting policy
      • Identify and advice management on policy implications inherent in issues and agenda items presented for board discussion.
      • Establish and manage a system for periodic review of school / college operations.
      • Establish and enforce administrative procedures for each area of school/college operations.
    • Planning
      • Plan new venture(s), conduct a feasibility study and discuss with the board. Upon approval, implement the project/venture.
      • Introduce new changes in the system, infrastructural development, etc.
      • Final authority with regard to all the policy matters rest with Executive Directors, Founder Directors and the Board of Directors.
      • Ensure that plans are built around and drawn from the mission, vision and goals.
      • Keep the board informed on progress toward accomplishing plans and goals.
    • External leadership roles:
      • Be the face of the school in the community.
      • Perform as a proactive leader.
      • Participate in local and/or international associations and conferences.
    • Decision making:
      • Encourage participation in policy development and decision making
      • Allow for a Distributive Leadership pattern- that clearly delineates responsibility and authority
    • Strategic Planning:
      • Work with the Board of Directors and Instructional Leaders to develop a strategic plan.
      • Oversee the allocation of resources to drive the best balance between financial and operational concerns.
      • Hire, fire and oversee performance of senior-level staff whose jobs will be to support/lead the operations and finance as per Directors approval.
    • Perations and Finance:
      • Oversee school operations: budgeting, accounting, human resources, contract management, compliance, etc.
      • Work with outside counsel to support the needs of the organization.
      • Manage any required facility acquisition, maintenance and renovation efforts.
    • Human Resources:
      • Ensure that resources are allocated for professional and staff development.
      • Encourage professional development and staff recognition programs.
      • Engage in ongoing learning.
      • Remain alert to industry trends with regards to employee salaries and benefits.
      • Develop attractive incentives/compensation packages for employees.
      • Develop motivation and team building programmes for staff
    • Public Relation/ Correspondence:
      • Respond to parents and guardians queries regarding fees structure and administrative concerns.
      • Deal with parties such as student unions affiliated to different political parties, government offices, local youth clubs, political parties etc. and consult with Founder Director/Executive Directors as per requirement.
    • Laws and Regulations:
      • Be aware of laws and regulations that affect the institution.
      • Inform the board and trustees about major laws, regulations / changes in laws and regulations.
      • Ensure that administrative procedures exist and are followed to comply with law and regulation.
      • Represent the institution in legal matters.
      • Advise the board about laws and regulations that affect the board.
A. Class Coordinator
  Qualification: The candidates must have Master’s degree (preferably in English) from a reputed university with at least three years of working experience in reputed institution, able to deal independently with staffs and students with good interpersonal and organizational skills.
  Responsibilities: Assist in planning and administering the day-to-day academic affairs of the class, Assist in the supervision, observation, and evaluation of teachers and staff. And oversee the discipline of the students.

Click HERE for detailed roles and responsibilities.

Reports to : College Head


  • Graduate in any discipline.
  • Must have an all-round ability to organize, plan, conduct and host programmes for college students.

Duties and Responsibility: 

  • Preparing a timeline of events to take place in the current academic session, for better planning and execution of events, including but not limited to events such as students orientation, parents orientation, welcome and farewell programmes, graduation day, youth Fest, domestic and international tours, sporting events, music events, etc
  • Preparing routine for various co-curricular and extracurricular activities (ECA) class for the entire academic session.
  • ECA class division as per the interest of students, monitoring of ECA classes and checking the attendance, ECA syllabus and ECA instructors, crass performance.
  • Maintaining the attendance register of ECA instructors and the students enrolled in the ECA class and crosschecking with the class register to find any defaulters.
  • Assisting in preparing the salary statement of ECA instructors with HR regarding their pay roll by submitting accurate attendance records of the instructors.
  • Updating the official Facebook page of GEMS Institute of Higher Education of latest happenings, using formal and appropriate language.
  • Sorting the students proportionately into four different houses: Garnet, Emerald, Moonstone and Sapphire.
  • Planning and organizing intra-college, inter-college and inter-house sports and extracurricular activities and competitions.
  • Formation of Student council body, conducting elections for class Representative, House Representative and Batch president through student and staff voting.
  • Preparing the financial statement of every program organized and report to the finance department.
  • Planning and organizing community service, social campaign and charity programs.
  • Planning and organizing field trips, excursion (domestic and foreign), adventurous trips such as trekking, hiking, rafting, cycling etc. (note: an element of service/volunteering/education must be present in any trip)
  • seek prior approval from higher authorities before planning and executing new events or proposals.
  • supervising the Literary club and IT club in order to publish the college Newsletter and annual magazine.
  • Maintaining discipline and code of conduct inside the college premises.
  • Maintaining the record of all students regarding their involvement and achievement in ECA classes and other related events.
  • Encouraging the students to take part in the Duke of Edinburg Award (DofE) and support them with necessary guidance.
  • Timely follow up with the DofE Award Leaders to ensure that they are in close coordination with the DofE assessors.
  • Coordinating with the concerned DofE Award Leaders and prepare the necessary paper work and recommendation for the, Duke of Edinburg Award.
  • Timely correspondence with the Transportation In-charge so as to ensure provision of transport is arranged prior to an event.
  • Anchoring in the College Functions and Programs.
  • Pre and post reporting about every plan in action to the College Head and work as per the advices and instructions given.
  • To observe at least one class of each ECA per month and to make report on the performance, achievements and drawbacks of the ECA team'
  • To observe and ensure that the given ECA curriculum is being followed and progress is constantly tracked.
  • To ensure that all ECA instructors are present during parent-teacher meetings and to update the parents about ECA.
  • Have at least one meeting with all ECA instructors per month and to report the minutes to the college management.
  • To maintain a duty record file of all ECA instructors along with the list of materials that has been handed over to the instructors.
  • To keep stock and check the condition of all ECA equipment and to prepare purchase order accordingly on a terminal basis.
  • To foster an environment for all ECA activities to run smoothly and in accordance with the GIHE rules and regulations as guided by the GIHE code of conduct.


  • Bachelors Degree in business administration or the relative field.
  • Experience as an executive secretary or a similar administrative role.

Duties and Responsibility: 

  • Arrange appointments and maintain a schedule for the Directors.
  • Liaise between executives and employees/clients.
  • Generate regular reports and update databases.
  • Manage phone calls and emails with professionalism.
  • Handle the school’s generic email.
  • Facilitate communication within the school to maximize workflow (e.g. distribute vital information, schedule presentations and plan for logistical needs).
  • communicate effectively in routine, sensitive, and confidential matters.
  • Composing and preparing correspondence that is sometimes confidential
  • Handle information requests.
  • Prepare correspondence and minutes.
  • Maintain outgoing and incoming mails.
  • Compiling documents for related meetings and events
  • Manages administrative files
  • Works closely and effectivel with the Administrative Team to keep them well informed of upcoming events, following up appropriately.
  • Processes records and forms, requisitions office supplies, and performs other administrative support procedures.

कम्तीमा ५ वर्ष हलुका सवारीसाधन चलाएको अनुभव भएको र उमेर ४० वर्ष ननाघेको हुनुपर्ने छ । कक्षा १० सम्म अध्ययन गरेकालाई प्राथमिकता दिइने छ ।

Salary no bar for suitable candidates.

Interested candidates may send the completed employee application form along with copies of credentials, a passport size photo and a letter of intent to the Director at