Health Care

Students with minor ailments and injuries are treated in the school infirmary by qualified staff nurses. Qualified and registered doctors visit the school infirmary at least once a week. In case of serious illness or injuries, students are admitted to the nearest hospital and parents are informed immediately. Payment for any kind of treatments attended outside the school infirmary has to be made by the parents themselves. The school will not be held responsible for injuries which may occur during activities or excursions. Parents are advised to have a medical insurance for their children or the school may arrange such insurance and charge the amount in a monthly bill.


Hostel facilities are available to students from grade II to X. The hostels are divided into different distinct wings in accordance with the students’ age, gender and class. The senior girls, senior boys, intermediate boys, intermediate girls, the junior boys and junior girls are housed in separate buildings, which are conveniently located and provided with all amenities for comfortable living. Each of the hostel wings is managed by a qualified hostel in-charge and he/she, in turn, is supervised by the hostel manager and assisted by more than a dozen highly trained, dedicated and efficient menial employees who are on duty round the clock to ensure the safety and comfort of the children under their care. All boarders are housed in the Dhapakhel campus.

School Bus Service

  1. The school provides transport facilities to day-scholars as mentioned in the admission form. Children should be escorted to the notified bus stop and handed to the school staff. The escort should be present at the bus stop to receive the child, after classes are over.
  2. Every student is required to possess a BUS PASS or ID tag which must be visible and worn around the neck at the time of boarding the bus, entering the school campus and while attending the evening assembly before boarding the bus.
  3. Students misusing the facility or showing indiscipline in any manner in the bus will be barred from the service, and parents will have to make their own private arrangement.
  4. Parents must inform the concerned Block In-charge and the Transport department well in advance if a child is to be picked up by the parent for any reason.
  5. Students are not permitted to drive vehicles of any kind to school or on return. Those, who do not use the school bus, may be brought to the school by their parents or guardians by any means of transport but the walker’s ID tag must be worn around the neck. All walking students must wear the walker’s ID tag while entering and exiting from the school.
  6. Students are not permitted to change buses without written application from a parent and without clearance from the transport manager. Any change of temporary nature will be at the discretion of the transport manager and as per the feasibility of the request.